STMA Sherpa K650T Turboprop Released

STMA Sherpa K650T Turboprop Released

May 2, 2013

STMA is pleased to announce the release of the the Sherpa K650T, an experimental bush plane that captured imaginations at Oshkosh with its exceptional performance. With a specially engineered wing and flap system and 840shp turbine engine turning a 110 inch prop you get Super Cub performance on short fields with 180 mph cruise.

The STMA Sherpa comes with options to configure for summer or winter bush operations – bush wheels, skis, and amphibious floats with three payload options. An STMA exclusive development built by an experienced bush pilot and test-flown extensively to replicate test pilot reported performance.

The STMA model is intended for XP 9.7 and XP 10.20+ (32 and 64-bit). Some of the features are:
– Flying performance that will water your eyes – 100ft TO and LND!
– Flight performance tested throughout the envelope
– Basic bush style autopilot (altitude, bank, heading hold, course track)
– Both GPS and FMS integrated for your preference.
– EDM 930T engine monitor shows full systems status
– Full feature moving map in the EDM 930 display (option)
– FMS access through EDM 930T option page
– Lightning fast modeling with optimized frame rates
– Fully interactive 3D cockpit with exceptional views from green house doors and windows
– X-Adventures kit lets you build your bush plane skills
– STMA exclusive side dock controls doors, windows, and payload weight
– and much more.

An important note for Linux and Mac 64 bit simmers; the X-Adventure plugin are still being worked on. Purchasers will receive an email update notice when they’re released. The current state of all of our plugins are listed in our Plugin Update Bin. The aircraft will be available at X-Plane.Org.


  1. Daniel /

    Looks very dated. This is what brings X-Plane down. The price is pure fantasy land. There is much better freeware for FSX than this.

    This is not what X-Plane needs. The dials are fuzzy, which is no surprise really, considering that STMA’s other offerings also have blurry textures within the cockpit (even at extreme res).

    STMA, you need to rise your game is you are to survive in the X-Plane world.



    • Kerbaugh /

      Hi Daniel,

      I agree with your observations but I think your conclusion is a little harsh. 3-D modeling and fancy plugins aren’t STMA’s things; bush planes and fascinating flight models are. They may have to excel in all categories to get more than a niche market but I expect they will continue to do well in that niche. This plane is really fun to fly. I know of no other plane that combines anything like this much power and lift. If there’s any drawback to its performance it’s that it makes many things bush pilots normally struggle with too easy. This plane can almost pivot around a wingtip so it’s really difficult to get it trapped in a box canyon. Any dangers it can’t turn out of it can probably climb out of. You might not be able to beat the Super Cubs in the Valdez STOL landing competition but you couldn’t lose the takeoff competition and you’d be hard put to find a plane with a better view for the flour-bombing.


  2. It’s great to have another bush plane to choose from!

  3. canadafly3 /

    Wow! Cockpit is realy ugly!

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